Please keep in mind that every situation and need is different. We are here to offer our Protection for your individual need.  
Founded & Managed by Michael N. Magriplis

[ Advanced Executive Protection Specialist]


Michael is a family man who understands the importance of keeping family and what you work hard for, safe and secure in this day and age. Michael was raised in the local area and grew up in his Greek heritage. Has been trained and worked in the Sheriffs department. Michael holds many certifications, has Advanced Executive Protection Training, Armed Security Training and 11 years of experience in his field.

 About Us_ 

Our Personnel are licensed and trained individuals able to handle all situations that may arise. They have had extensive background checks through the State of Florida. Michael personally interviews every individual and makes sure they are properly trained in any position they are posted. Michael is a firm believer of the hands on approach and actively meets with every client and assesses their every need. He visits all the posts to make sure they are properly covered and secure to our clients needs. We, as an agency try to meet and exceed all expectations of our clients. Our Personnel are professional in their handling of situations, their demeanor, and their dress. Whether the contract is large or small, we take your safety seriously!